Watch JAV: [English Subtitles] ZIZG-014 Taimanin Asagi ANOTHER STORY Restraint Torture Acme That Does Not End Uehara Ai Retina Responsive Images

With Ai Uehara sadly retiring soon she has been cranking out new releases quite frequently and this is a good albeit strange one. I believe this particular video is based off of a hentai but I’m not 100% sure. The basic premise is that she gets taken and held hostage while being used as a sex slave. First off Ai looks super sexy in her outfit here. Really shows off her curves rather well. Secondly the action here is sort of rapey and rough but also kinda hot with most of her scenes featuring her being held in some kind of restraint. One example has her being fucked while a guy shoves her head into a bowl of water.
Lastly her performance is stellar. She’s mostly submissive but at times does enjoy it which is incredible to watch. Such as when she is being fucked from behind and she is next to her, I think, fiance who is inside a jail cell. During this her eyes are rolling into the back of her head, mouth wide open and drooling. Clearly she is exaggerating but still hot nonetheless.
This is yet another standout video from the superstar, Ai Uehara. Featuring a deep plot that feels like a hentai come to life, solid action with very little filler and while her performance is mostly submissive there are some standout moments where she really shines. Definitely a must watch for fans of Ai Uehara and also if you like these sort of videos that imitate hentai. Retina Responsive Images
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